Laboratory B Burlington's Community HackerSpace


Regular(ish) Events:

Soldering Workshops:
We are currently just starting to perform regular learn to solder workshops at the lab. (Check the front page for times). If you intersted in learning to solder microelectronics please RSVP us at [email protected]

Lock Sport Wednesday:
Generally speaking on the last Wednesday of the month we sponsor Lock Sport Wednesday from 6pm to 8pm. This event is a place for folks who are interested in physical security and locksports to get together. We adhere to the idea of better security through education, and we also follow the law in this matter and TOOLS Rules of Ethics. Learning how locks works and don't work is not a crime.

2600 Meeting:
Laboratory B is the primary supporter of the local 2600 meeting  if you are interested in hacking and security related events in Vermont, check out the 2600 meeting held the first Friday of every month at 5 o'clock at the Food Court at Burlington Town Square Mall.

Programming Sessions: Laboratory B host programming sessions (Currently Ruby Sessions). These are code jam session where members and the public are invited to get together and learn a new programming language. While these aren't classes per say, they are a great way to work through learning to program the hardway

Also, keep an eye on DC802 for any upcoming Defcon related events.

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  1. So now that Borders is gone, where to next?

  2. Hi,

    I’m going to be up in Burlington, Vt for a couple of days on work business. I was wondering if I could visit your hackerspace or even just meet up with makers. I’m getting back into electronics and would enjoy talking to some more experienced people. Thanks


  3. Well found where you guys are physically but i must have been too late for the open house. Unless I got the date wrong. But either way no was there. Anyone going to be there Wednesday or Thursday?

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