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  1. Hi,

    I’m going to be up in Burlington, Vt for a couple of days on work business. I was wondering if I could visit your hackerspace or even just meet up with makers. I’m getting back into electronics and would enjoy talking to some more experienced people. Thanks


        1. Well sent an email but the only one that responded so far was confused why he is getting email sent to that address. He is part of another group you guys are part of. I’m coming up to the area next week. Most likely. Staying up near the barnes and nobles big store.

  2. Well found where you guys are physically but i must have been too late for the open house. Unless I got the date wrong. But either way no was there. Anyone going to be there Wednesday or Thursday?

  3. HAMCOM -The Vermont Radio And Technology Show, will be held Saturday, February 24th 8AM-1PM at the Holiday Inn Convention Center, 1068 Williston Road, South Burlington.

    HAM-CON is a gathering of hundreds of technology enthusiasts from all over Vermont, New York, New Hampshire and Quebec. Their interests range from Ham Radio, Technology, Building Electronics, Computer Usage and more.

    Forums and technical talks will be going on throughout the morning and will include discussions and demonstrations on Antennas, Radio Propagation and Digital Communications. The sales area will feature radio equipment, computers and other electronic goodies, both new and used for sale. The Activities room will feature demonstrations and our live on-air station W1V where visitors can talk to people all over the world.

    Are you an experimenter or geek? This crew has some the oldest geeks around with hundreds of years of collective experience in do-yourself.

    Details at:, or call 879-6589.

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