One of Laboratory B’s goals is to be as open and transparent about how it works. This includes the financials.

The Lab operates on a limited income base, with primary financial support coming from it’s members.  Member dues, are primarily used to pay for operational expense.

The Lab’s current monthly operational expenses are:

  • Rent & Utilities: $950
  • Telecommunications: $125

Laboratory B is a member support non-profit. To support the Lab’s monthly operating expense Lab members contribute regularly on a sliding scale, any where from $25 to $ 75 month.  Cash, check, Credit or Bitcoin are all accepted form of contribution.

The Lab maintains a checking and saving account. We seek to maintain an emergency fund equal to three months operating expenses. Currently that fund is only up to 60% strength.

If you have donated to the space you can write it off on your taxes a receipt can be found here. Lab_B_Receipt

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