History of Laboratory B

Laboratory B started organically growing out of DC802 meetings and the Burlington 2600 meetings. The idea of getting a space was tossed around at a number of meetings and emails started flying on the DC802 mailing list.

In December 2010 Lab B acquired a small office in the Old North End. After a laborious process of drinking and debating we finally settled on the name Laboratory B.  Turns out there was even a pretty cool historical connection with a Russian Nuclear Research facility by the same name.

Laboratory B had an initial roster of about 10 paying members and is still growing. We are looking for new people, new projects and new donated gear! Please feel free to come on down to the Lab either on open hours or by appointment.

Our members include a variety of highly talented people with very strong cross disciplinary knowledge and we all have high hopes for what may come from this space.

In December of 2011 Laboratory B moved house to our current location at The Hood Plant. We are located in the old Freezer.

One of the great things about being so close to downtown is that we are now part of SEABA and on the Art Hop.  In September of 2012 we participated in Art Hop hanging a show called “Who’s got your digital booty” in the atrium of the Hood Plant.

Shortly after that we participated in the Champlain Valley Maker Faire where helped young and old learn the fine skill of soldering!

One thought on “History”

  1. You moved in December 2012? That’s two months from now! Are you guys working on time travel in your hackerspace?

    I saw your setup at the Maker Faire – you guys might have been the busiest ones there – hardly an empty chair all day.

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