Casey Reas Is Coming to Town!

Casey Reas, co-creator of Processing
Thursday, March 22, 2012
Emergent Media Center, Miller Center
Champlain College; Burlington, Vermont
6:30 PM
This event is sponsored by the MFA in Emergent Media Program at Champlain College

Acclaimed software artist Casey Reas uses computer algorithms to create complex, organic abstractions. In his ongoing series Process, Reas explores the relationship between synthetic and naturally-evolved systems through strikingly beautiful prints, animations, architectural wall fabrics, relief sculpture and interactive works all derived from variations on the same fundamental software algorithm. Reas is also internationally recognized as co-creator of Processing, an open source programming language specifically for visual artists, a standard for artists creating images, animation and interactive art. Reas is a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles and has exhibited throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. Reas will be in residence in Burlington from March 21-23 working with local artists in algorithmic art.

For more about Casey Reas and Processing:
Processing –
Casey Reas –

Maybe we can get Casey to swing by the Lab!

via Vermont Makers

Friend Friend Everywhere!

Last night was an exciting night at the space! Ken Howell & John Ferguson from Champlain College came for a visit! After some fun discussion it appears that there are a lot more people interested in HackerSpaces, MakerSpaces & FabLabs then originally thought! The Lab B members learned about new a whole group called Vermont Makers, a whole group of people with similar interests! Woot!

Plus we had a visit from a high school student from Bethel and one of his teachers!

Last Friday at are monthly 2600 meeting we had a visit from a bunch of Norwich Students too! Earlier in the day Jesse met up with Andrew and his daughter who are prepping to do some awesome loom hack!

Finally we found a note under the door from Jonathan from Germany! Sorry we missed you! It’s great to have international visitors come to our little lab.

If you’d like to come by and check out the lab, or what not the best way is to email [email protected]. While open times are posted on the best site we haven’t been super hardcore about keeping them..but will now that some many people want to come by!