2600 Meeting & Lab B Hangout!

Next Friday is the first of the month. That’s this Friday. It’s 2600 time! Meeting will be at the usual place the Game Lounge at 178 Main Street in Burlington Vermont from 5-8. It’s on the third floor, so just keep going up. There will be signs to point the way.

Afterwards we will probably head over to Laboratory B our new hacker space just  1.5 blocks away for further hijinks! We’ve made a lot of improvements since we moved in 2 weeks ago!

5-8 is prime dinner time, Pizza can be grabbed from downstairs
It’s also free bus ride day too!

Laboratory B ReLaunch!

It's an empty room...but it's our empty room!

We’re back! Lab B is back in physical space! At the Hood Plant in downtown Burlington. The new bunker of research and education is roughly ~550 Sq ft of tech adventure time!

We’re planning and plotting a ton of great things to kick off our new space! What you might ask?!

Classes: Learn to solider! Assemble some electronics kits! Code up some software!
Showings: We’re going to be doing two types of awesome showings!  One being documentaries of the nerdy type and two being ReCons..al the fun of a hacker con with out the travel and expense!
Open Nights: Wondering what this is all about..well come to one of our open nights in which hack stuff! woot!

We still have to do some cleanup and of course move in! Stay Tuned!


Fashion Meet Function

Fashion Meets Function. In an awesome cyber-surveillance evading way! Is it hip now to avoid the all watching eye!

CV Dazzle™ is camouflage from computer vision (CV). It is a form of expressive interference that combines makeup and hair styling (or other modifications) with face-detection thwarting designs. The name is derived from a type of camouflage used during WWI, called Dazzle, which was used to break apart the g


estalt-image of warships, making it hard to discern their directionality, size, and orientation. Likewise, the goal of CV Dazzle is to break apart the gestalt of a face, or object, and make it undetectable to computer vision algorithms, in particular face detection.

Because face detection is the first step in automated facial recognition, CV Dazzle can be used in any environment where automated face recognition systems are in use, such as Google’s Picasa, Flickr, or Facebook (see CV Dazzle vs PhotoTagger by Face.com).






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