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Lego Key Ring Upgrade

Posted by Aaron Minard

I made an upgrade to my Lego key ring.  Now With USB!  Basically, I put a 16G flash drive into some Legos and put them on the key ring.

Here are a couple shots, you can find the whole story here.






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Procrastination Success

Posted by Aaron Minard

I should have been grading lab reports, but instead I made this key holder with some Legos.  I screwed some picture frame hooks into a few full-height blocks (2x4, 2x3, 1x4) and attached a large base to the wall.  Put some key rings on the Legos, attach the Legos to the base, key holder.  My favorite part is that I can add whatever creation I want to the base plate as long as it can sit vertical, which is always true because it's Legos.  This is a simple spaceship I put together in a few seconds.


front left




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