All Memeber Meeting 8/12/12 @ 4PM at Laboratory B

This is the official announcement of our Presidential election meeting scheduled for 4:00pm on Sunday 8/12.  The full agenda as it currently stands (feel free to contact me for additions):

– Election of the President
– Trivial adjustment of member fees to cover fixed monthly costs (estimated $75 for full members)
– Art Hop Plan
– Champlain Maker Faire Plan
– Workshop Schedule

2 thoughts on “All Memeber Meeting 8/12/12 @ 4PM at Laboratory B”

  1. When can I come by and say hello to you folks? I tried stopping during public hours on Tuesday; the door was open but the hallway was dark beyond. Tried sending an e-mail to [email protected]; it bounced. Tried the IRC, but it was silent. I know you must exist… but how do I find you?

    1. Best time to see us is Open Hours. Lights are funny in the hallways fear not the Grue. I believe there will be a big clean going on Tuesday 9/11/12 if you feel like coming by..

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