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7Jan/140 mentioned Burlington and Laboratory B a cool high tech place..

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The BTV Web App Group meets several times a month for presentations and networking. Laboratory B, the local hackerspace, holds regular events. The sustainability-focused Green Drinks meets twice monthly, once in Burlington and one in Montpelier. CodeForBTV, a civic hacking group that meets weekly, enjoys support from Code for America, and they’ve produced several improvements to local systems and organizations. The meetup groupBurlington Net Squared also hosts regular meetups that cover many different tech angles. Tech Jam Vermont is a well-attended annual event sponsored by, which is headquartered in Burlington.

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The Lab profiled on VPR!

Posted by Jesse Krembs

Laboratory B was profiled on VPR the local public radio and NPR affiliate by Jon Kalish. Woot!

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January Events

Posted by Jesse Krembs

It's cold outside and the weather is frightful. But the Lab is warm, snug and dry so it's a good place to hangout this time of year!

2600 Meeting January 3rd 5-8 at the Burlington Town Square Mall, we've moved location and we're going old school!
The Generator is  holding "Build a Makerspace Party" January 4th from 10am to 5pm at the Memorial Auditorium’s Annex!
We've adjust our open drop in  hours to 7-9PM EST on Thursdays

Look for more events coming soon!

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Rise of the Tech Ninja….fashion!

Posted by Jesse Krembs


As is keenly obvious Laboratory B is center of cutting edge fashion (j/k). Seriously though,  we do spend a fair amount of time thinking about high tech fashion either in the wearable way or in a materials way. We are pretty excited by the rise of techninja fashion, which I quipped in just" a monochromatic Vermonter just back from  hike!"

Though the pricing is outrageous (isn't it always in the fashion world) it present some interesting looks (straight out of a William Gibson novel!)





Bitcoinage Discussion!

Posted by Jesse Krembs

Laboratory B hosted a bit of coin meetup last week and the local alt weekly (more like just awesome weekly) did a write up about it!

In Vermont, Users of "Cryptocurrency" Bitcoin Are Few But Committed

 Last week, in a small, subterranean workspace near downtown Burlington, a group of tech-savvy Vermonters held an open forum on a topic that’s attracted a great deal of attention lately: Bitcoin. Early adopters of the “cryptocurrency” believe it has the potential to upend the entire global economy.....
Also Laboratory B has some cool "I use bitcoin" t-shirts if you need one.
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New Server Cabinet!

Posted by Jesse Krembs

IMG_20131126_093344It's been an exciting last few weeks with plenty of cool addition to the Lab. One of these if your new full sized server cabinet! Friend of the Lab Pat new a guy who knew a guy. Working with Pat we picked it up and brougth it back to the lab. It a Dell model and it's super awesome. We are currently in the process of cramming servers into it. Thanks Pat!


No Open Public Hours this week.

Posted by Jesse Krembs

Hey All.

It's a busy holiday week so no public hours this week for Laboratory B. We'll be busy Thursday cooking up a storm!

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Designer Lighting!

Posted by Jesse Krembs

IMAG0333 This post is long overdue but better late then never! We'd seen Rebecca Schwarz's designer lights at the number of local maker and art events and we thought "Man those are super cool!" After talking with Rebecca a little we learned that they usually lived in her basement unseen and unloved. Well with a little cajoling we managed to convince her to hang them at the Lab! We maybe the only hackerspace with designer lighting! If you want to see the cool lights from recycled material come on down to the Lab! Rebecca can also do workshops on how to make similar lights at schools and such!



Laboratory B at Tech Jam

Posted by Justin

Tech JamThank you everyone who came and stopped by at our booth at Tech Jam! It was great to meet all of you and we hope to see you down at the space during open hours 6-8pm Tuesday or Thursday soon! Here are copies of the flyers from the table with instructions on making free calls included:


Events with the Lab in October!

Posted by Jesse Krembs

It's cooling off outdoors but the Lab is heating up for October!

Laboratory B Hosted Events:

2600 Meeting Fri, October4, 5pm – 8pm:
2600 this Friday from 5-8 at the Quarterstaff Game Lounge,(178 Main Street in Burlington Vermont) Get your geek on before football takes over! Traditional old school hacker meetup! So cool
Soldering Workshop Thu, October 9th, 6:00pm to 8:30pm:
Come by the Lab from 6pm-8:30pm to learn to solder! We'll be assembling Weevil Eye's from Sparkfun. Donations welcome, RSVP so we know you're coming.
Python Session Wednesday, October 23, 6pm – 8pm:
Inexperienced and experienced  programmers gather to jam on Python code. This session focuses on lesson's from Python The Hard Way.
Locksports Wednesday Wed, October 30, 6pm – 8pm:
Come by the Lab and learn about the inner working of locks, safes, and other physical security devices!

Directions to the Laboratory B can be found here

Events Laboratory B Members will be present at:

VT Hackathon:  Sam & Friends will be competing in the HackVt event hosted by Fairpoint Communications and C2 Computing. October 11-12. Jesse might be flying his multicopter around the building!
PumpCon: Laboratory B member Jesse will be in Philly for PumpCon a very old school hacker con. PumpCon is the 25-27th of October.
GoRuck Challenge: Jesse will be attempting the GoRuck Challenge (second time) Saturday the 5th at 1Am. It's not that tech, but it's crazy fun.

Events Laboratory B will be at:

TechJam: Laboratory B is proud to have a table at the Techjam along with Burlington's other makerspaces. We'll be there talking about Burlington Gig, Tech Outreach, what's going on at the Lab and other fun stuff. October 18-19th at Memorial Auditorium in Burlington. Ask us about the after party.

Random but Cool:

Get your Tech-Month Burrito this October, all month long,at Boloco on Church Street! And this Friday, Oct 4. from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., 15% of all Boloco burrito sales (not just the Tech Month burrito) will be set aside for a donation to Girl Develop It.
“Girl Develop It” is dedicated to providing a harassment-free community and learning experience for everyone regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

Hack the Stacks: Civic Hacking at Fletcher Free Library
Want to create apps for Fletcher Free Library? Want to help Big Heavy World promote and preserve Vermont-made music? Want to build WordPress websites for Vermont's non-profit organizations? Join other developers, technology integrators, designers and hackers of all types for 2 days of civic hacking at Fletcher Free Library.
 10am-6pm &  12pm-6pm
Fletcher Free Library, 235 College Street, Burlington, VT 0540

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