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Most Common iPhone Passcodes | iPhone | Daniel Amitay

Posted by Jesse Krembs

Most Common iPhone Passcodes | iPhone | Daniel Amitay.


Insecure Defaults Lead to Mass Open Proxies in China |  InfoSec Resources

Posted by Jesse Krembs

Insecure Defaults Lead to Mass Open Proxies in China |  InfoSec Resources.

Oh this is handy..

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Libyan IP space..

Posted by Jesse Krembs

# Country: LIBYAN ARAB JAMAHIRIYA # ISO Code: LY # Total Networks: 5 # Total Subnets: 299,008

via .

Just saying..
nmap -sn -PE -PA21,23,80,3389 --traceroute

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iPhone-based universal IR remote – Hack a Day

Posted by Jesse Krembs

iPhone-based universal IR remote - Hack a Day.

I totally had the same idea three weeks ago!

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Cryptome: More HBGary

Posted by Jesse Krembs

Always wonder what the big boys of InfoSec sound like when they are talking to each other and in the office. Now's your chance visit the HBGary pages of Cryptome.


HBGary Goes AWOL from RSA.

Posted by Jesse Krembs

RSA 2011: HBGary Goes AWOL | Liquidmatrix Security Digest.

I understand why they did this but on the other hand it's hard to sell your protection services when you can't even protect yourself...AND your afraid to show your face in public.

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Cryptome: HBGary Federal

Posted by Jesse Krembs

Cryptome has broken down the HBGary data dump for review.       HBGary Anonymous and Wikileaks                   February 13, 2011 (317KB)         HBGary Venezuela and Iran                        February 13, 2011 (697KB)        HBGary E-Crime and Advanced Persistent Threats   February 13, 2011 (554KB)       HBGary Secure Applied Physics Lab                February 13, 2011 (874KB)           HBGary National Security Agreements              February 13, 2011 (1.3MB)
HBG-TENPP.pdf         HBGary Targeting Exelon Nuclear Power Plant      February 13, 2011          HBGary Corporate Information Spying Cell         February 13, 2011 (288KB)           HBGary Threat Monitoring Center                  February 13, 2011 (792KB)            HBGary Exploitation Assessment                   February 13, 2011 (712KB)          HBGary Social Media Security Reset               February 12, 2011 (5.5MB)           HBGary Emerging Threats and Trends 2011          February 12, 2011 (4.2MB)
dodi-3305-01.pdf      National Intelligence University                 February 12, 2011      HBGary Scoutvision Law Enforcement-Intel Cases   February 11, 2011 (6.7MB)           HBGary Social Media Exploitation                 February 11, 2011 (5.8MB)           HBGary Advanced Persistent Threat                February 11, 2011 (3.0MB)      HBGary Mandiant Advanced Persistent Threat       February 11, 2011 (2.0MB)        HBGary McAfee Integration                        February 11, 2011 (1.5MB)        HBGary Aurora Malware Report                     February 11, 2011 (400KB)        HBGary Splunk Brief-IT Management Is Broken      February 11, 2011 (3.2MB)           HBGary Topological Vulnerability Analysis        February 11, 2011 (2.4MB)
HBG-Fed-OA.pdf        HBGary Federal Operating Agreement               February 11, 2011
This isn't everything in the HBGary feed, but it certainly is interesting

Serious 0-day Found in Every Version of IE

Posted by admin

Stop using IE. Seriously, just stop. At least for now. A serious 0-day vulnerability which exploits MME HTML has been discovered in every existing version of Windows / IE. Until this gets patched it is essential not to use IE as a browser at all.

While this has just recently been made public, you have to wonder how long this has been exploited quietly by the "bad guys"

[External Link]


How hackers ruin everything with computers

Posted by admin

I think the title says it all! How computer aided/driven technology design is ruined by too many people mucking about with too many computers. [External Link]

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DD-WRT, I Know Where You Live

Posted by admin

Oh goody! DD-WRT routers potentially vulnerable to a DNS rebinding attack. Not to mention disclosing internal network information at '/'. [Link Here]

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