Events in June..

Oh the Summer is heating up with events, so stay cool with Laboratory B’s underground space! IMG_20120825_080926

  • June 7th: 2600 Meeting: That’s tonight, we get together to swap stories, decompress and talk about cool stuff. Tonight 6/7 from 5-8pm at the Quarterstaff Game Lounge at 178 Main Street  above Body Art Tattoo.
  • June 12th: Our tried and true Learn to Solder workshop, come by the Lab from 6pm-8pm to learn to solder! We’ll be assembling Weevil Eye’s from Sparkfun. Donations welcome, RSVP [email protected] so we know your coming. Directions can be found here
  • June 22-23: Summer Cleaning, LAN Party, Hack-a-thon and BBQ Weekend! We’re going to spend the weekend cleaning house, organizing projects, playing video games, working on projects and enjoying some good livin’. Come on by the Lab to join in. More info to follow!
  • June 26th: Locksport Wednesday. Learn how locks work, and the fundamentals of physical security.

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    1. Buffy
      Soldering Workshop Thu, September 5, 6:00pm to 8:30pm:
      Come by the Lab from 6pm-8:30pm to learn to solder! We’ll be assembling Weevil Eye’s from Sparkfun. Donations welcome, RSVP [email protected] so we know you’re coming.

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