Laboratory B Events In May

Laboratory B has three events planned for this May

1: We will be meeting again for 2600 on Friday 5/3 from 5-8pm at the Quarterstaff Game Lounge at 178 Main St. above Body Art Tattoo.
2: There will be a Locksport Wednesday on 5/22. Come by the Lab from 6pm to 8pm for a fun time with all kinds of Locksport related fun!
3: Learn to Solder workshop on the May 9th,  Come by the Lab from 6pm-8pm to learn to solder! We’ll be assembling Weevil Eye’s from Sparkfun. Donations welcome, RSVP [email protected] so we know your coming.
We also planning on having some gaming events & maybe the return of the anti-surveillance  fashion talk!

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