2600 Tonight!

First of the month, That’s this Friday (Tonight). It’s 2600 time! Meeting will be at the usual place the Game Lounge at 178 Main Street in Burlington Vermont from 5-8. It’s on the third floor, so just keep going up. There will be signs to point the way.

Afterwards we will probably head over to Laboratory B!  1.5 blocks away for further hijinks!

5-8 is prime dinner time, Pizza can be grabbed from downstairs.
The warm weather is finally upon us! So we might wander to local roof top or other outdoor location as well!
Highlights include Defcon 20 stories and..and toys review..

Soldering Workshop

Dom will be hosting a soldering workshop at Laboratory B!

Are you interested in electronics, technology, and hacking? Laboratory B, Burlington’s hackerspace is hosting a soldering and electronics workshop on April 15th at 2:00pm. Learn to solder the right way and touch up on your circuitry skills in the process. Lab B has much more to offer than just soldering, useful tools and knowledgeable people are there to help you all the way.
If you can think it, together we can build it.

Contact Dom for more info [email protected]

Casey Reas Is Coming to Town!

Casey Reas, co-creator of Processing
Thursday, March 22, 2012
Emergent Media Center, Miller Center
Champlain College; Burlington, Vermont
6:30 PM
This event is sponsored by the MFA in Emergent Media Program at Champlain College

Acclaimed software artist Casey Reas uses computer algorithms to create complex, organic abstractions. In his ongoing series Process, Reas explores the relationship between synthetic and naturally-evolved systems through strikingly beautiful prints, animations, architectural wall fabrics, relief sculpture and interactive works all derived from variations on the same fundamental software algorithm. Reas is also internationally recognized as co-creator of Processing, an open source programming language specifically for visual artists, a standard for artists creating images, animation and interactive art. Reas is a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles and has exhibited throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. Reas will be in residence in Burlington from March 21-23 working with local artists in algorithmic art.

For more about Casey Reas and Processing:
Processing – http://processing.org/
Casey Reas – http://www.reas.com/

Maybe we can get Casey to swing by the Lab!

via Vermont Makers

Laboratory B ReLaunch!

It's an empty room...but it's our empty room!

We’re back! Lab B is back in physical space! At the Hood Plant in downtown Burlington. The new bunker of research and education is roughly ~550 Sq ft of tech adventure time!

We’re planning and plotting a ton of great things to kick off our new space! What you might ask?!

Classes: Learn to solider! Assemble some electronics kits! Code up some software!
Showings: We’re going to be doing two types of awesome showings!  One being documentaries of the nerdy type and two being ReCons..al the fun of a hacker con with out the travel and expense!
Open Nights: Wondering what this is all about..well come to one of our open nights in which hack stuff! woot!

We still have to do some cleanup and of course move in! Stay Tuned!